Clinky Classic IV Goes Forth


Show Location

#Brazelton Lodge #190
964 Hwy 92 S
Dandridge, TN 37725

Welcome to Clinky Classic, aka the Tennessee Clay Ball!

This year, we have a new show hall location:

Brazelton Lodge
964 Hwy 92 S
Dandridge, TN 37725

This show is for models that have been fired in a kiln, with a fixed finish. This show is for glazed ware (and white/undecorated bisque in one challenge class) only. Ceramics finished in non-fired media (acrylics, oils, stains, etc.) are not eligible. Restored models are welcome, but not enhanced restorations (added shading, detailing). The focus of this show is on permanently finished ceramic media. All clays are welcome: earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, bone china, etc. No resin-based or cold-cast pieces. Clinky Classic is a NAN-qualifying show.

This year, it is open entry, due to a larger venue! Email or snailmail to hold your space while your entry is in submission.
kristina at lucasfrancisstudio dot com

Show Schedule

Friday, December 7th
Lucas Francis Studio 2pm-9pm "Far East Traders"

Saturday, December 8th
Studio opens at 7am, judging begins at 9am. This is earlier than last show, due to showers' request.

Ring 1 Morning: OF Large Production New World Ware
Ring 2 Morning: OF Large Production Old World Ware

12:30 lunch break 30 minutes

Ring 1 Afternoon: Challenge Classes
Ring 2 Afternoon: OF Small Production and Test, followed by Lakeshore

Sunday, December 9th
Studio opens at 7am, judging begins at 9am

Ring 1 Morning: Glaze and Claybody Custom
Ring 2 Morning: OF Large Production Collectability

12:30 lunch break 30 minutes

Ring 1 Afternoon: Custom Glaze Workmanship followed by Challenges
Ring 2 Afternoon: Challenges
Ring 3 Afternoon: Performance

Show Fees:

Two-day entry is $65
One-day (Saturday OR Sunday only) entry is $50
Catering is $20 per person
Proxy entry 1-5 models is $25
Proxy entry 6+ models is $40

The Show Hall

Brazelton Lodge
964 Hwy 92 S
Dandridge, TN 37725

Located east of Knoxville, with a good selection of nearby hotels, B&B, fast food, freeway, and an airport, it is easy to locate. The show hall is the lower level of Dandridge's Masonic lodge. It is located 1.6 miles from the Jefferson Inn (exit 417 on I-40) on Hwy 92 South. This closer than the previous show hall, Lucas Francis Studio, which is 2.2 miles from Jefferson Inn, in the other direction. This hall is larger and has a large full kitchen, two bathrooms, and a sheltered loading dock. Coffee, bottled water, and use of fridge and microwave are provided. The floors are tile and cement, not carpeted, so many showers prefer to wear comfortable shoes and lay horses down on their tables with a margin left around the edge to prevent falls. There will be proxy pick-up, socializing, and a workshop at Lucas Francis Studio on Friday afternoon-evening. Kristina's pottery archives and collection will be on display. On your entry form, you may select the catered lunch option, or choose to bring your own and use the kitchen, or drive to the restaurants or grocery located on the same street.

For your convenience, and considering recent air travel restrictions, we will allow showers and the official vendor to ship their horses ahead to our STUDIO address: 500 Cline Road, Dandridge, TN 37725. Do not ship to the show hall address; no one will be present to accept delivery! Folks who choose to do this are responsible for picking up their boxes, unpacking, repacking, and for return shipping. Check your tracking numbers before you leave for the show; show staff, Brazelton Lodge, and LFS/Paul and Kristina Francis are not responsible for lost or damaged property.

Friday Night “Far East Traders”

Come on down to the studio after 2pm on Friday, to socialize and sell or swap ceramic horses before the show.

Our show provides filtered water, lemonade, hot cocoa, brewed coffee, continental breakfast, and fresh fruit. Oh- and TONS of holiday chocolates and candies! Last show's meals were met with praise, so we're doing it again! The catering fee is $20 per person (includes Sat lunch and dinner), please send with entry fee. If you are bringing a Helper or Spouse, please include them in the count. We aim to provide enough for hearty appetites!

On Saturday for lunch, locally owned and operated small business China 1 will be our lunch provider. A lunch menu will be provided and the order called in and picked up fresh! Saturday night dinner is “to be decided” as of this posting (8/7/12).

Those who opted for catering are welcome to the leftovers for lunch and dinner on Sunday. The show hall at the Lodge has a full kitchen.

Why the Chinese theme at a ceramic horse show?

This year’s theme celebrates some of the oldest clinkies in the world, ancient Chinese pottery horses. Many people are familiar with the T’ang horses, but over the dynasties, there have been several ways of depicting horses. Even metalwork depicts the ancient pride of the nation: the Emperor’s Dancing Horses. These animals were highly trained in liberty performance, to dance in time to music, slapping their tails and hooves to the rhythm, while carrying bowls of wine in their mouths. They were selected for beauty and intelligence. In performing, they wore no bridles, only pearls and silk sashes. This ultimate pinnacle of beauty and training art can be a metaphor for the refinement and precision we all aspire to collect (and produce) in ceramic horses. The show’s trophy horse mold is an adaptation of that classic depiction of a royal Dancing Horse.

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About Clinky

Clinky Classic is a china show to celebrate the combination of exquisite equine art and ceramics. The first show was held on Septemeber 11, 2004 in Louisville, Kentucky, with show hostess Anna Tackett at the helm. In 2006, Clinky moved to Dandridge, Tennessee under Kristina Lucas Francis, where it has remained. The competition is always very tough, the entries very handsome, and all awards are hard-earned. The show draws people from all over the eastern half of the country, as well as Texas and Missouri.