Clinky Classic IV Goes Forth


Show Location

#Brazelton Lodge #190
964 Hwy 92 S
Dandridge, TN 37725


Email or snailmail to enter for your space.

Click here for the entry & liability release forms.

Click here for the printable class list.

Click here for the printable show packet.

Please mail entries to:

Clinky Classic
c/o Kristina Lucas Francis
500 Cline Road
Dandridge, TN 37725

The entry form must be mailed with your signed Liability Release form. Email attachments of forms will not be processed as entries. Postmark deadline for entries is November 15th, 2012.

Show staff will not exhibit horses that were shipped to the show. Be sure to have a proxy- an already registered exhibitor- named on your form and present that day of the show.

Cancellations received in writing before November 15th will receive a refund less a $10 process fee. Cancellations of November 16th and later will not receive a refund.

Table space:

Each registered (non-proxy) shower will receive one full space measuring 3x6', 3'x8', or 2'x8'. Proxy entries do not include extra table space, unless you are proxying quite a few models (by our estimation). If you are only bringing half a space-ful of horses, please let me know so I can better budget tables.



All horses must be shown wearing a white tag on a leg, tag is either 1” or 2” long. Please write clearly or print a sticker on one side of the tag:
Horse name
Owner’s 3 initials + number ( XXX1, XXX2...)

This must be facing up when the horse is on the judging table. Judges do not want to risk damaging your piece just to flip a tag. Horses without tags will not be judged.

Per class entry:

Conga lines are welcomed because there is no limit of class entries! We want to see the beauties you have, so if your collecting specialty is Arabians, for example, don’t feel as though you must leave something wonderful at home. With our extending this no-limit courtesy, we ask that you bring only the very best of your collection. To fill halter classes with your own duplicates or inadequately restored horses does not add to everyone’s edification and it slows the show down. We hope the no-limit rule will provide the show with an array of production colors seldom seen together in one location. We challenge you to knock our socks off!

Cross entry is allowed only in the following cases:

  1. OF Large Production of either division may cross enter OF LP Collectability.
  2. Glaze and Claybody Custom horses may cross enter into Custom Workmanship.
  3. Small Production and Test is, in and of itself, the only division that does not have a counterpart division. This does not detract from entries' winning potential, as we do not have Overalls any more. These horses are still eligible for the new Technical Awards (which have replaced calculated-point Overalls) and Challenge classes.

No cross entry between foal and adult breed classes.

No cross entry between foal champs and adult gender champs.

No cross entry between Small Production/Test and any other division, except its appropriate Challenge Class.

Proxy showing:

All-ceramic model horse shows are events best appreciated in person. Proxy showers will be charged a sliding scale proxy fee, but there is no table space included in the package.

Proxy 1-5 models (groups glazed together on a single base will be considered one)… $25

Proxy 6+ models… $40

Show staff will not show horses that were shipped to the show without a proxy exhibitor named or present.

Participant Conduct:

The ceramic horse community is a happy, friendly family with like concerns and passions. We humbly remind all to please treat others and their horses with the respect you would like to receive. Do not touch other people’s property without their express consent and supervision. You are responsible for any damage you cause; the show hall, show holders, and city are not liable (you will sign a release upon registration). We do not allow public, non-participants, children who are not registered exhibitors, or pets in the show hall. Please leave your pet in your hotel room, or arrange to keep it in a crate in our front office. Persons under age 18 who are selected by entry lottery must have a release of liability signed by a parent or guardian, and persons under age 18 must have a badge-wearing adult present. Any helpers or spouses must wear a badge to enter the show hall. We are very strict about our security for our china showers' peace of mind. Anyone, of any age, who is rude, profane, aggressive, deemed a danger to other showers or property, or runs/jogs inside the show hall will be escorted from the show without refund. Running, rushing, or bumping is extremely irresponsible behavior in a room full of ceramics. No smoking inside the hall, there is plenty of room outdoors for that.

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About Clinky

Clinky Classic is a china show to celebrate the combination of exquisite equine art and ceramics. The first show was held on Septemeber 11, 2004 in Louisville, Kentucky, with show hostess Anna Tackett at the helm. In 2006, Clinky moved to Dandridge, Tennessee under Kristina Lucas Francis, where it has remained. The competition is always very tough, the entries very handsome, and all awards are hard-earned. The show draws people from all over the eastern half of the country, as well as Texas and Missouri.