Clinky Classic IV Goes Forth


Show Location

#Brazelton Lodge #190
964 Hwy 92 S
Dandridge, TN 37725


Sponsor a Class or Division:
Each class is $2 to sponsor A Subdivision is $2 each class plus $5 for the champ set. A whole division (ends with words Grand Champion) is $2 per class plus $5 for each subdivision, plus $10 for the Grand Champs Our sponsors get mentioned in the show packet, and everywhere I can post about our show!

Saturday, December 8th

OF Large Production New World Ware
Judge Maggie Barkovitz
Ring 1 Morning
OFLPNW Foals and Subadults
NW1. Arabian
NW2. Morgan
NW3. Stock
NW4. Other Pure/Part/Longears (to be split if in excess of nine entries)
Champion/Reserve Colt
Champion/Reserve Filly
OFLPNW Light Breeds
NW5. Arabian Stallion/gelding
NW6. Arabian mare
NW7. Morgan
NW8. Iberian
NW9. Other Light
Champion/Reserve Light
OFLPNW Sport Breeds
NW10. Thoroughbred
NW11. Other Sport
Champion/Reserve Sport
OFLPNW Stock Breeds
NW12. Solid Stock
NW13. Patterned Stock
New Class: NW 14. Mustang/Feral
Champion/Reserve Stock
OFLPNW Pony Breeds
NW15. British Native Ponies
NW16. Other Ponies
Champion/Reserve Pony
OFLPNW Draft Breeds
NW17. Feathered Draft
New Class: NW18. Belgian Draft
New Class: NW19. Other Clean-legged Draft
Champion/Reserve Draft
OFLPNW Other Breeds
NW20. Other Pure/Partbred
NW21. Longears and Zebra/Exotic
Champion/Reserve Other
Grand Champion/Reserve Original Finish Large Production New World Ware
Champions show back for Main Division Genders

OF Large Production Old World Ware
No Lakeshore cross-entry- please see the dedicated Lakeshore division.
Judge Denise Masters
Ring 2 Morning
Foals and Subadults
OW1. Arabian and Other Light
OW2. Sport
OW3. Other Pure/Part/Longears (to be split if in excess of nine entries)
Champion/Reserve Colt
Champion/Reserve Filly
OFLPOW Light Breeds
OW4. Arabian
OW5. Other Light
Champion/Reserve Light
OFLPOW Sport Breeds
OW6. Warmblood
OW7. Thoroughbred
OW8. Other Sport (including Carriage, such as Friesians)
Champion/Reserve Sport
OFLPOW Stock Breeds
OW9. Patterned Color Stock
OW10. Solid Stock
Champion/Reserve Stock
OFLPOW Pony Breeds
New Class: OW11. UK Native Ponies MINI SCALE only
New Class: OW12. UK Native Ponies, all larger scales
OW13. Other Ponies
Champion/Reserve Pony
OFLPOW Draft Breeds
New Class: OW14. Feathered Draft MINI SCALE only
New Class: OW15. Feathered Draft, all larger scales
New Class: OW16. Clean-legged Draft MINI SCALE only
New Class: OW17. Clean-legged Draft, all larger scales
Champion/Reserve Draft
OFLPOW Other Breeds
OW15. Other Pure/Partbred
OW16. Longears and Zebra/Exoticv\
Champion/Reserve Other
Grand Champion/Reserve Original Finish Large Production Old World Ware
Champions show back for Main Division Genders

OF Small Production and Test - NOW DOUBLE JUDGED!
Breed Judge Maggie Barkovitz
Collectibiltiy Judge Cindy Neuhaus
Ring 2 Afternoon
SPT Alchemy and AA China
AC1. Arabian, Gaited, Other Light
AC2. Sport, including Carriage breeds
AC3. Pony and Draft
AC4. Other/Longears
Champion/Reserve SPT Alchemy
SPT Horsing Around (their factory, no cross-entry with Alchemy)
HA5. Arabian, Gaited, Other Light
HA6. Sport, including Carriage breeds
HA7. Pony and Draft
HA8. Other/Longears
Champion/Reserve SPT Horsing Around
SPT North American/Other
New Class: NA9. Hagen-Renaker Vintage
New Class: NA10. Hagen-Renaker produced after 1986/San Marcos
NA11. Laf’n Bear
NA12. Lucas Studio (Lucas Francis Studio)
NA13. Other North American Manufacturer
NA14. Velasquez Artistry
OT15. Other
Champion/Reserve SPT North American/Other
Grand Champion/Reserve Original Finish Small Production and Test

Lakeshore Division
Sponsored by Cindy Neuhaus and Lakeshore- exclusive new awards for CC4!
Ring 2 Afternoon
OF and CM Glaze subdivisions, no cross entry with rest of show
Judge Cindy Neuhaus
Lakeshore OF Breed
1. OF LS Arab/Part Arab/Gaited
2. OF LS Pure/Mix Ponies
3. OF LS Other Pure/Mix
Champion/Reserve OF LS Breed
Lakeshore OF Collectability
4. OF LS Limited Edition of 300-1000
5. OF LS Special Run
6. OF LS One-Of-A-Kind/Test Run/Art of Fire
Champion/Reserve OF LS Collectability
Grand Champion/Reserve OF LS

Lakeshore CM Glaze
7. CMG LS Breed
8. CMG LS Workmanship
Grand Champion/Reserve Custom Glaze LS

Saturday Challenge Classes
All Judges
Animal Artistry Collector’s Class (pending sponsorship)
Para Ceramics and ReMuda Pottery sponsored by Marge Para
Lakeshore has an OF Collectability division
Pour Horse Pottery OF has an OF Collectability division
Made With Love Moving Forward “Lippitt”, “Thank You”, and “Farewell” models show in Custom by Berkwitz
OF Lane Ceramics by Love sponsored by Muddy Hoofprints blog
Collectability Qualifier: White Glaze or Bisque Challenge (undecorated ware only, no paint)
Dog Class (split into Dog and Puppy classes, if enough entries), sponsored by LFS
Animals, Domestic Species sponsored by LFS
Animals, Wildlife sponsored by LFS
The following are judged by husbands who wish to participate:
Mmm, that’s T’ang-y! (horses that fit our ancient Chinese pottery theme)
Gingerbread Horse Decorating Contest

Sunday, December 9th

Glaze and Claybody Custom Breed
Judge Denise Masters
Ring 1 Monring
Foals and Subadults
GC1. Light
GC2. Color Stock
GC3. Non-patterned Stock
GC4. Pony
GC5. Draft
GC6. Other Pure/Part/Longears
Champion/Reserve Colt
Champion/Reserve Filly
GC Light Breeds
GC7. Arabian
GC8. Iberian
GC9. Gaited
GC10. Morgan and Other Light
Champion/Reserve Light
GC Sport Breeds
GC11. Thoroughbred, Standardbred, and Carriage Breeds
GC12. Warmbloods
GC13. Other Sport
Champion/Reserve Sport
GC Stock Breeds
GC14. Patterned Color Stock
GC15. Quarter Horse and Other Solid Stock
Champion/Reserve Stock
GC Pony Breeds
GC16. Shetland
GC17. UK Native Ponies
GC18. Icelandic and Other Scandinavian Ponies
GC19. Other Ponies MINI SCALE only
GC20. Other Ponies, all other scales
Champion/Reserve Pony
GC Draft Breeds
GC21. European Draft
GC22. UK Draft and Other Draft
Champion/Reserve Draft
GC Other Breeds
GC23. Other Pure
GC24. Other Partbred
GC25. Longears and Zebra/Exotic
Champion/Reserve Other
Grand Champion/Reserve Glaze and Claybody Custom
Breed Champions show back for Genders

Custom Glaze Workmanship
Judge Pat Hefty
Ring 1 Afternoon
CW1. Chestnut
CW2. Bay
CW3. Gray
CW4. True Roan
CW5. Silver/Taffy and Champagne
CW6. Cream (true palomino and buckskin)
CW7. Sabino (if minimal expression, put in body color class only)
CW8. Overo
CW9. Tobiano
CW10. Splash and Other Pinto
CW11. Duns
CW12. Appaloosa
CW13. Other or Exotic Pattern (zebras)
Champion/Reserve Custom Glaze Workmanship

Performance Division
OF and CMG combined, to be split if needed
Judge Pat Hefty
1. Western Pleasure
2. Western Other
3. English Pleasure
4. English Over Fences
5. Harness
6. Other

Original Finish Large Production Collectability
Judge TBA
Ring 2 Sunday morning
OFC DW Hagen-Renaker
HR1. Arabian
HR2. Morgan
HR3. Gaited
HR4. Stock
HR5. Sport
HR6. Pony
HR7. Draft
HR8. Other/Longears
OFC Miniatures and Specialty Hagen-Renaker
HR9. Arabian and Other Light
HR10. Stock
HR11. Pony
HR12. Other/Longears
Champion/Reserve OFC All Hagen-Renaker
OFC Pour Horse Pottery
PH13. Iberian
PH14. Stock
PH15. Pony
PH16. Draft
PH17. Other/Exotic
PH18. Pins/Jewelry/Medallions/Awards (non-NAN card class)
Champion/Reserve OFC Pour Horse Pottery
OFC Other Make
OFC19. Loza Electrica
OFC20. Cheval
OFC22. Royal Worcester
New Class: OFC23. Beswick/ Royal Doulton
New Class: OFC24. Marcherware
New Class: OFC25. Alchemy and AA
New Class: OFC26. Nymphenburg/ Rosenthal/ Hutschenreuther
OFC27. Made in Other Country (including B&G, Royal Copenhagen, etc.)
Champion/Reserve OFC Other Make
Grand Champion/Reserve Original Finish Collectability

Sunday Challenge Classes
All Judges
Laf’n Bear Unique Glaze Challenge, sponsorship pending, OFs show in Collectability
Custom by Joan M. Berkwitz
Custom by Lesli Kathman
Wizard’s Vale Custom Glaze Challenge, sponsorship pending
Velasquez Artistry CM Glaze Challenge, sponsorship pending, OFs in Collect.
Lucas Francis Studio CM Glaze Challenge sponsored by LFS, OFs show in Collectability
BHR/Karen Grimm CM Glaze Memorial Challenge sponsored by Marilyn Jensen

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Clinky Classic is a china show to celebrate the combination of exquisite equine art and ceramics. The first show was held on Septemeber 11, 2004 in Louisville, Kentucky, with show hostess Anna Tackett at the helm. In 2006, Clinky moved to Dandridge, Tennessee under Kristina Lucas Francis, where it has remained. The competition is always very tough, the entries very handsome, and all awards are hard-earned. The show draws people from all over the eastern half of the country, as well as Texas and Missouri.