Clinky Classic IV Goes Forth


Show Location

#Brazelton Lodge #190
964 Hwy 92 S
Dandridge, TN 37725


"Clinky 4", the Overall Champion and Reserve Champion Horse sculpted by Kritina Lucas Francis for this year's show! Here are the Champs and Reserves for Collectibility & Workmanship, more pictures to come!

Sponsors Welcome!
This show does not have an auction for donations. Rather, we give the donated items as extra awards for the entrants. If you would like to sponsor a class, a Challenge, or a division, just contact the show hostess. The sponsorship can be a gift of small ceramic items to first and second places, or a monetary sponsorship of the satin ribbons, original art, anything that pertains to the class or event in general that will bring a special smile to the exhibitors. Email: kristina at lucasfrancisstudio dot com.

Check out our sponsored Challenges, Classes, and Divisions

  • Cheryl Farrens of FireHorse Designs is sponsoring the Appaloosa CM Glaze Breed & Workmanship classes!
  • Maggie Barkovitz is sponsoring the CM Glaze Workmanship Division!
  • Brona Hicks is sponsoring the Hagen-Renaker Nikas era Reissues Challenge!
  • Marilyn Jensen is sponsoring the BHR/Karen Grimm Memorial Challenge!
  • Cindy Neuhaus is sponsoring the entire Lakeshore Collectability subdivision! A set of official Lakeshore rosettes and cloisonne pins for collectors
  • Dave and Maggie Barkovitz are sponsoring the DaBar Gingerbread Cookie Contest n' Stuff This year, we have HORSE-shaped cookies! The cookies are edible and yours after judging.
  • Lesli Kathman of Blackberry Lane is sponsoring a challenge class
  • Joan Berkwitz is sponsoring a Pour Horse challenge class
  • Karen Dietrich is sponsoring a challenge class

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About Clinky

Clinky Classic is a china show to celebrate the combination of exquisite equine art and ceramics. The first show was held on Septemeber 11, 2004 in Louisville, Kentucky, with show hostess Anna Tackett at the helm. In 2006, Clinky moved to Dandridge, Tennessee under Kristina Lucas Francis, where it has remained. The competition is always very tough, the entries very handsome, and all awards are hard-earned. The show draws people from all over the eastern half of the country, as well as Texas and Missouri.